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Our Mission

   To provide our clients superior geographic information systems implementation and services, offering a cost-effective alternative to establishing and maintaining their own GIS departments.

Experts at what we do

   Southern Geographic provides expert specialty consulting. We've spent nearly two-decades demonstrating our expertise developing and maintaining Geographic Information Systems, or as it is commonly known, GIS.

   The users of our services are small to medium sized counties and medium to large cities, or businesses like community banks and multi-national communications organizations. They may be driven by the growing demand to support Homeland security or they may need to track shipments, purchases or populations by location. The need for accurate geographical data in customized systems applications is growing at an intense pace. If you depend on geographical data Southern Geographic can present you with an affordable solution - whatever your size or your industry.

Transforming disparate data sets into mission critical information

   We compile, organize, distribute and present complex, detailed information in simple formats. It doesn't matter if your current data is on digital CDs or in brown paper bags. We can start just about anywhere to create user friendly interfaces, business focused information systems, quick start executive reports, and regulatory compliant processes so clean and crisp you may never know how hard we worked to make it simple for you.

  • We have a "roll up the shirt-sleeves" work ethic that means we work along side you until all your needs are met
  • We focus on delivering measurable, tangible results
  • We transfer knowledge. You know what we are doing every step of the way and we teach you as we go.